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Passion for fashion traveling

By Kristine March

Uploaded October 4, 2020 8:52PM EST

I have been traveling on my own since I was eighteen.

My first passion for fashion truly began on Park Avenue, on a girls trip that my parents let me go on with my twin sister and best gal pals. I remember walking into Dolce & Gabbana. I knew at that moment I was in love with designer clothes and the vibe and the thrill of it all.

I tried on a four thousand dollar skirt that Posh Spice had just purchased a few hours earlier and I was smitten.

I then started going to all the best stores in the country on all of my travels. Even though I couldn’t buy that in my teens, I still tried it on, felt the fabric and just respected the craftsmanship.

I loved going to Los Angeles to Kitson that was all the rage at the time and to Miami to Versace just to play dress up. Now, I’m on the more boho thrifty side and I love to hit up a good thrift store or anything vintage, which is more in my lane these days.

I love to go to Mexico and find hand made back backs out of colorful fabrics and now when I go to Manhattan I enjoy all of the old stores in The West Village that make old belt buckles and vintage Members Only jackets. It’s funny how your taste can change and mature. I love clothing so much but I really love to put it together and style it myself.

Now that I live in Asheville I am lucky to have all the local designers that are truly creative and funky. The clothing they make is like wearing art. From Vintage Moon to Honeypot we have so much diverse fashion in my little mountain town. You can really express yourself.

Everyday you dress is a statement. Clothes can even put you in a mood, good or bad. I love that quote, “No matter how you feel, get up and dress up”. It rings true. What are some of your favorite boutiques and fashion memories? Remember to make the sidewalk your runway and kindness always matters.


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