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A Box of Charleston

By Julie Bailes Johnson

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 8:37AM

When former Anderson resident Tim Benson received a gift from a friend, it sparked an idea and inspiration. “I had already relocated to Charleston when a friend sent me a care package with flavors of another town,” he said. “I wondered then if anyone was doing the same thing out of Charleston.”

With Charleston’s rich heritage, culinary excitement and unique history, there were definitely the right ingredients to package this all together and offer it to others. And from that, Box of Charleston was born.

After recognizing the opportunity and brainstorming the concept of what he wanted, Benson took a chance and dove in. He immediately began to explore how to turn his idea into a reality.

Box of Charleston is filled with some of the best products the city has to offer. Benson said many boxes have been specifically designed with products that complement each other. But, he added, “If none of those suit your fancy, we offer a custom ‘Create Your Own’ section that allows the customer to choose either 5 or 7 items to be placed in their box.”

Sharing a love of the Holy City with other people is the main objective for Benson. “As more items become available, I think Box of Charleston will become a gift others will want to share with their friends and family and anyone else that matters to them,” he said.

As the self-proclaimed “head box stuffer,” Benson said, “As for now and through December, we have all the systems, supplies and product to handle the orders. But I’m certain as business increases, we will need to add to our staff.”

He plans on expanding his business to export boxes to other cities, sometime in the spring or summer of 2019, while also offering a Corporate Customized Logo box.

When Benson is not filling boxes of Charleston’s finest, he continues to practice and sell real estate, which he has done for more than 20 years. “In addition to selling, I’m also involved in mentoring agents in my office in Charleston,” he said.

After leaving Anderson, Benson moved to the Boston area, where he continued his real estate career. Life took a different direction for him while living in the north and he made the decision to move back to the south, where he landed in Charleston. Benson has two children — a son, Chase, who is 16 and plans to attend Clemson University, and a daughter Rachel, 13, who concentrates on school and riding horses.

When asked where he would like to be in five years, Benson replied, “Wherever it takes me. And I mean that sincerely. is has already presented other opportunities for me, and will down the road.”

One of the best parts of the business for Benson is being involved with others in the city who take such pride in their products. “Being able to walk down the city market and talk to folks I’ve partnered with is so gratifying,” he admits. “I get to do this in a city that I love and so many others love as well.”

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for someone who would enjoy a “Box Of Charleston,” visit or nd the business on Facebook.


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