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Brighter Christmas Fund 2018

Foothills Community Foundation will partner again with donors, businesses, and organizations in our community to support the Brighter Christmas Fund.

Last year 150 foster children and over 250 families bene ted from the generosity of the citizens of this community during the Christmas season. is Christmas more than 200 applicants have been approved for assistance. These are a few of the current families in need:

• This mother lost her job due to medical issues. She is currently looking for work and needs a first shift job. She desires to work while her five children are in school. She recently purchased a vehicle because it was difficult depending on others to transport her family to do errands. She is paying her bills with child support but has no money left over for Christmas. Their greatest need for Christmas is clothes, shoes and toys.

• This father is currently unemployed and his fiance’ has just returned to work after giving birth. It has been difficult for this father to maintain employment due to the cost of day care and the lack of a driver’s license. When his fiance’ went back to work, she did not receive full pay checks for a couple of pay periods. Her employer deducted the cost of her insurance to catch up on premiums. All of their bills are behind and the money received goes toward the household bills. They are in need of help to provide Christmas for their five children. Their greatest need is clothes, shoes and toys for the kids.

• This aunt’s life changed when she agreed to take in her sister’s children. She didn’t want them to be placed in foster care and therefore intervened. She will continue to care for her nieces and nephew until her sister gets back on her feet. Her expenses increased since taking in the children. She has very little money left over and is unsure of what she will do for Christmas. The children have been through a great deal and she wants them to have a normal Christmas which would include presents to unwrap Christmas day. Their greatest needs are clothes and shoes.

• This grandmother is caring for her four grandchildren because their parents were unable to care for them. She is paying her household expenses with her social security benefits and there is very little left over. She is requesting clothes and shoes for them as the children have grown out of the clothing they have. Their greatest need is shoes and clothing.

• This couple’s life changed drastically when they became custodians of their very own grandchildren. It has been a struggle to provide their basic needs with just their social security benefits. The children need clothes, shoes and diapers.

• This mother and five children are currently living in a hotel. The home they were living in has holes in the walls and oors and is not in livable condition. The mother cannot afford repairs and has moved her family into a hotel so that they can be warm this winter. They will be staying there until she is able to save enough for the house repairs. She has no money to get her children Christmas gifts. The items needed are clothes and toys.

Checks payable to:


can be delivered to SunTrust Bank, 907 North Main Street, Anderson, SC

or mailed to Foothills Community Foundation, PO Box 1228, Anderson SC 29622.

Online gifts to Brighter Christmas: www. Select the DONATE button under Giving; choose Brighter Christmas Fund from the drop down menu.


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