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Freshen up with flowers

By Kristine March

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 11:07AM

Spring is fast approaching. Flowers are always needed! Be it for parties, birthdays, weddings or showers, so I started doing some research on what's trending. It's not just your typical tulips and gladiolas. There are some exquisite flowers out there that you may have never heard of before and are easily accessible.

I am really loving Pampas grass at the moment. It's absolutely stunning used as a centerpiece, or on any table. You can even hang it on some fishing wire overhead. It gives a really earthy, natural vibe. It even comes in pink. It would be so pretty for a baby girl’s shower.

Next on my list of favorite flowers is an Anemone. It's a lovely poppy flower. I love the apricot colored ones. They're fun and flirty for a shower. The black and white ones would be lovely for a wedding. Another interesting flower or really it's considered a form of grass, is a dried bunny tail or lagurus grass. It is so airy and light and absolutely breathtaking in an arrangement. It comes in beautiful colors. It's so perfect for Easter, hence the name bunny tail, it truly favors one.

Another favorite that's on trend is adding Eucalyptus or feathers to your flowers. It will smell beautiful and look amazing. Pheasant feathers can be ordered on Amazon by the bundle for super cheap. It adds a minimalistic look.

Lastly, I'm currently obsessed with the protea flower. It's super exotic. It's also one of the oldest flowers on the earth. Dating back over 300 million years. Wow! It almost favors an artichoke but has a pink bulb. If you can't find the actual flower, Micheal's has dried fake ones. Incorporating real and fake flowers can look amazing if you have the right eye.

So take a trip to your local florist. Ask questions. See what they can get and don't be afraid to add the fake ones y'all. I even had a few fake ones at my own wedding and no one knew. Get creative. Be bold. Think outside the lines and leave those Peonies and Hydrangeas for another day. Happy almost Spring.


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