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Here Fishy Fishy: Photo contest to reel in three winners

Friday, July 12, 2019 3:05PM EST

We are looking for the best fish photos out there. We want a variety of submissions including freshwater species as well as saltwater. And not just the big largemouth bass but any size fish, large or small. We want to see what you think is the best catch.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit their catch. You may enter a maximum of three photos along with an anecdote describing your adventure. Your fish tale will help our judges decide whose photos are the best of the best.

Each submission must be emailed to ElectricCityNews@

Submissions will be accepted through Friday, July 26th.

Three winners will be chosen and the results will be published in our August 8th issue. Each winner will receive a beautiful new fishing rod, courtesy of the Electric City News.

So grab your tackle box, untangle those lines and open that can of worms. Your fish story could be a winner.


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