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Typsy Gypsy Is Liquid Gold

By Julie Bailes Johnson

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 11:10AM

Chris Glenn and Kasey Walters began their liquid journey five years ago. Their goal: to offer a fun and creative way to serve drinks. “We were both working at a local restaurant and bar,” Glenn says. “We’ve been working in the service industry for over thirteen years. We have both bar tended and managed a few different places in the area,” he said. “Kasey was very persistent in wanting to make the idea of Typsy Gypsy happen.”

After two years of talking it over, Glenn and Walters started to look deeper into the idea. “We knew we needed a catchy name that would both stand out as well as encompass what our vision of the business would be,” the duo said. “We are always packing up and moving to events in different places, hence the name Typsy Gypsy.” . They have offered their mobile liquid services to numerous events from business socials, fundraisers, special events, parties and weddings. “We can do events for all walks of life. We are very passionate about creating different atmospheres to cater to our clients’ wants and needs all the while keeping our culture and hospitality a constant,” they said.

Their services are uniquely eclectic. They are not the average beverage caterer or bartending service. They create an experience that is always one to remember whether it’s the handcrafted cocktails, fresh juicing, extensive options for craft beer and wine or setting up shop with their newest addition, Lucinda, AKA Lucy.

“Lucy is our 2 stall horse trailer that has been transformed into our mobile bar,” they said. “We first showed her off at an event in Clemson with a crowd of over 1,000 people and everyone fell in love with her.”

The trailer has been an ongoing project and vision that Kasey has done a pheneomenal job in designing and creating. “Kasey is the brainchild behind this and has put in a lot of hard work into it,”, says Glenn. “Lucy is just the beginning. We plan on having multiple trailers of different sizes and personalities,” they said.

Clients will eventually be able to rent one of the trailers on their own. “While we’ve only participated in events in the Upstate so far, we are capable and ready for anything statewide,” Glenn and Walters said.

When Chris and Kasey are not mobile, they both share a love of travel, live music and being creative in every way possible. “We were both raised in Anderson and our families live here,” the duo said. “They are all completely supportive of our crazy dreams and ambitions.”

Cheers to Chris and Kasey!

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