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Wonder Woman and the SC State Guard

By Kay Willis Burns

Uploaded Monday, July 29, 2019 10:45AM

Angie Stringer is a member of the South Carolina State Guard, as well as the director of the Cancer Association of Anderson.

Angie Stringer is a survivor. She’s jumped out of planes more than once. She rode her bicycle from Greenville, S.C., to Lewiston, Maine, three times.

And when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she threw a party in the pub at Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill for her family and friends the night before her surgery. The star attraction was an anatomical cake that she ordered so everyone could laugh and have a good time. Three years later, Stringer became the director of the Cancer Association of Anderson.

She also continues to be active with the South Carolina Military Department, as she has for 14 years. Recently, Stringer was awarded with four separate commendations from the South Carolina State Guard.

The SC State Guard has provided protection to the state since 1670 when the colony’s rst military organization, the Charleston Militia, was formed.

From its earliest days protecting the residents from pirates, foreign invaders, and Native American raids, this militia was the earliest manifestation of the SC State Guard.

Since 2015, the historic State Guard has provided South Carolina in excess of 44,000 hours of professional services when called upon, including deployments for recovery operations after Hurricanes Joaquin, Harvey and Matthew.

From search and rescue operations and medical teams, legal and engineering expertise, chaplain and counseling services to direct distribution of supplies and providing military funeral honors to veterans, members of the South Carolina State Guard are trained and ready to serve when called upon.

The four awards Stringer received include the South Carolina State Guard Meritorious Service Medal; one Individual Achievement Ribbon for her yearlong work serving with the Business Development Unit for the 2018 SCSG Change of Command Ceremony at the Capitol in Columbia, SC.; and another Individual Achievement Ribbon for dedication and outstanding performance while working on the planning and execution of the South Carolina State Guard 2018 Hurricane Hike. She was given the South Carolina State Guard Commendation Medal for her meritorious service while supporting the 2019 Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston.


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